Friday, 28 November 2008

Credit Crunch Beating Christmas Golf Gifts

Credit Crunch beating Christmas Gifts - Just thought all you keen golfers out there would want to take advantage of some special christmas offers on great golf presents for him or her!

Dizzy Heights are offering a special christmas discount on the cost of their excellent Pete Cowen DVDs. Pete Cowen is Europe's No1 Coach and he continues to coach some of the best players in Europe. I have used both of his DVDs extensively and they have made a significant contribution to my recent improvement and have got me ever closer to playing single figures golf.

Golf DVDs and GiftsThe Pyramid of Learning is a golf swing lesson that takes you through the whole golf swing in Pete's straightforward down-to-earth style. He uses great analogies to make it easy for you to relate to the technical principles without you getting lost in technical swing speak! It covers the basics, balance, body action (his Spiral Staircase drill is innovative and so useful in developing the correct body action) and how to create a powerful and dynamic golf swing. It also has interviews with some of his top players and his views on their golf swings.

The normal cost is £14.99 + p&p - but if you enter "CREDITCRUNCH1" when you checkout you will get a 20% discount off the nett price and 3 FREE POCKETSHOTS GOLF LESSONS worth £12.

The Ripple Effect is Pete's bunker lesson. Lee Westwood describes Pete Cowen as the best bunker coach in the world - watch the DVD and you will see why. I played golf with a top European Tour coach the other day and got up and down out of green-side bunkers twice (100% sand saves) thanks to this technique! It has eradicated my irrational fear of bunkers - and now when I am in a bunker I'm not thinking, "How do I get this out?", but "How close will it finish!". This DVD will dramatcially improve your bunker technique!! It is simple to learn and it corrects the common bunker technique taught by coaches all over the world (but not used by the very top players) which sees you open the club face, with an open stance and swing across the ball - the result typically being a left to right ball flight - it is difficult to control the trajectory and the reaction of the ball on landing. With Pete Cowen's Ripple Effect technique you will learn to build control of the ball from sand and to get the ball releasing like a putt towards the hole. The DVD costs £12.99 + p&p - but if you enter promotional discount code "CREDITCRUNCH1" then you will get a 20% discount off the nett price and 3 FREE POCKETSHOTS GOLF LESSONS worth £12.

golf gifts for him and herThe last special offer is on this gift pack of 6 lessons from 6 top coaches. It covers all aspects of the game and really is an ideal gift for someone taking up the game for the first time or looking to improve all aspects of their game. If you buy a golf gift pack before Christmas then Dizzy Heights are offering you a credit crunch boosting bonus of 3 extra Pocketshots lessons which will make really useful stocking fillers for Xmas - just enter "FreePS" in the voucher code section when you checkout and you will get all 9 golf lessons in the range for the price of 6.

I hope these tips help you save a few shots and a few pounds this Christmas.
Happy Golfing and Happy Christmas!

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